5 best hikes for beginners


Snacks are packed, shoes are on and it is time to finally hit the trail! but which one? Here are my top 5 hikes for beginners!

  1. Rice lake
  2. Cedar mills loop
  3. Fisherman’s trail
  4. Stanley park
  5. Buntzen Lake 

Rice lake

Rice lake is located within Lynn Headwaters Park. A brief walk from the parking lot with many places to sit and enjoy the nature. This is a great hike to take the kids or practice in those new hiking boots before you hit the big hills!

Cedar mills loop

I like this one as it follows through some old logging camps from 80+ years ago. There are some signs with history and if you look carefully, old relics of an industry that was once quite prominent .

Fisherman’s trail

This is a great hike for someone looking for something a bit longer. The trail itself is relatively flat the entire way, with great views of the Seymour river with ample river side spots for a nice picnic. A must do for any novice adventurer.

Stanley park

Stanley park is convenient and offers some decent hiking with short but at times steep trails that will give you enough exercise to warrant a treat afterwards. Start from the entrance and work your way to Prospect point in the summer for a nice ice cream reward!

Buntzen lake

Located near Port Moody. This is a great spot to take your dog for a day of great walking along a beautiful lake. You’ll need a car to get here as it is about an hours drive from downtown Vancouver. 

Have any other great hikes for beginners? Comment below so I can add them to the list!

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