5 best trails for intermediate

You made it! You’re starting to feel more confident and now you want a bit of a challenge eh? well then, here are my top 5 hikes for intermediates.

  1. Garibaldi lake
  2. Lynn Peak
  3. Norvan Falls
  4. Elfin Lakes
  5. St. Marks Summit

Garibaldi Lake

Easily the crown jewel of Garibaldi Provincial Park. This lake sees a ton of visitors during the summer months and for good reason! The lake is beautiful and you have two stunning ways to get there, via Taylor Meadows or the more direct path straight to the lake via the junction. Pack a good lunch and water as this is going to take you most of the day.

Lynn Peak

A favourite of trail runners, this trail is often called “the other Grouse Grind”. The ascent is steep and unforgiving at times, but the trail itself is relatively short and the views at the end are awesome! You spend most of your time in the forest, but there are enough breaks in the trees for a good glimpse of the surrounding mountains.

Norvan Falls

Norvan Falls is a great hike for that transition into more challenging routes. It isn’t exactly steep with minimal elevation gain, but you do go quite a far distance (almost 14 km round trip). The falls get crowded on the weekends, so a weekday you will often share the place with very few people.

Elfin Lakes

What more could you want? this is only about an hours drive from downtown Vancouver, but the rewards are incredible. The trail ascends an old service road before it ends at Red heather hut. From here you traverse through Paul Ridge until you reach the lakes. The scenery is amazing.

St. Marks Summit

The summit is over 1300m with incredible views of the Howe Sound. The best part is, you start half way up! The trail starts at Cypress Mountain and steadily climbs its way through the forest. It is hard to get lost as this is a very popular trail. Be mindful of the mud, after any rain there are some sections that can get very very messy!

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