What goes in MY pack?

 Recent photo of Andrew’s setup

When I first started hiking, it might of taken me an hour or so to put together my pack. This was in part because I only owned a few pieces of gear, the rest was a collection of kitchen pots and plastic spoons, friends tents and whatever clothes that were “clean”. Base weight was not even a conversation among us, the most common questions were “is that enough toilet paper?” or “how many pepperoni sticks do I eat a day?”

Fast forward ten years and countless hikes and overnight adventures and here we are. Packing takes no time at all now, items have been scrutinized and simplicity increased. I’ve enjoyed decreasing my pack weight to something comfortable. It is by no means ultralight, but I am happy.

Take a look at my current lighterpacks for a breakdown of what I actually carry on a typical hike during 3 season camping. This set-up (some items are shared with Lora) comes in about 7.5kg without any food or water. A far cry from that 24kg I carried on the West coast trail a few years back!

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