Starting from the ground up

My introduction to the Interwebs

The past summer has seen a steep increase of hiking for the two of us. So much so that several friends have been inspired by our efforts and have asked for advice as to how they can get into hiking/camping themselves. This sparked an idea to create a platform of information for people who are serious about starting to hike, but do not know where to start.

I didn’t know too much about web design or photo editing, per se. I did know some Photoshop skills but that was not enough to start a website. So I did what anyone would do  in the beginning,  I tried and failed! I watched Youtube videos on the most simple of techniques in Illustrator and took part in many Adobe tutorials turning triangles and circles into pizza logos and toppings! 

Hopefully what has culminated now is something that is useful to you. It has been very rewarding to us as we share our experiences and hope to inspire more folks to get outside and enjoy the beautiful bounty we have at our doorsteps.

Thanks for reading =)

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