Thoughts leading up to the Pacific Crest Trail

These thoughts brought to you by Lora

T minus 8. Things are getting real – real fast.

We have both finally had our last days at work after a long lead up and now the PCT is our only priority. Each time someone asks me about the PCT, I get more excited for our journey as I talk about it. Also, we are starting to realize that more and more people are becoming interested in hearing how our adventure pans out. It is a bit intimidating to have that weight of expectation on us but I think at the same time, it will be good motivation to push on when trail life becomes very challenging.

However, even though I know a lot about the trail – the length of the trail, the number of miles we need to hike on every day, how we will be getting our food and water – the fact that I will actually be doing all of that still hasn’t sunk in. Since I haven’t done any of these things yet, they still remain ideas and theories to me.

As I see more and more of the PCT Facebook page fill up with photos of other hikers starting at the southern terminus I feel a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Excited to finally set my feet on the trail and potentially meet these fellow hikers and anxious about leaving my currently comfortable life and catapulting myself into a whole different life. Soon it will be us touching the monument and the US-Mexico border wall before we take the longest hike of our lives.

I look forward to shaking up my life for a while. It will be a significant change for me from being in an office all day to be outside in the wilderness all day. However I know that even though I won’t be working, the trail will not be a cruise. The trail will throw up its own set of challenges which will be totally different from my normal work life. The spikes in my heart rate will no longer be because of a pertinent question from my manager about my work, but instead from being one footstep away from a rattlesnake beside the trail. The concerns of the office will almost seem like a construct of this world humans have created whereas the trail be strip away all those things to leave us with the bare necessities. Shelter, food and water is all we need in life and those will become the centre of our trail lives.

At this point, I would like to thank all our family, friends and work colleagues who have been wonderfully supportive of our PCT plans. Your words of encouragement will be a source of inspiration for when times get tough on the trail. Any on-trail encouragement will be greatly appreciated!

These thoughts brought to you by Lora

3 thoughts on “Thoughts leading up to the Pacific Crest Trail

  1. I miss you guys already!
    It does sound exciting just the anticipation taking the first step.
    Take care but enjoy the ride!
    love mom❤❤


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