Things we do while thru-hiking that are not socially acceptable in real life

After about 4 months on trail, these are some habits I’ve picked up which I’ll need to stop once we’re done hiking:

– Hitch hiking & accepting rides from strangers;
– Accepting food or drinks from strangers;
– Eating unlabelled & unpackaged food found randomly in a box;
– Not showering for 5+ days in a row;
– Not doing laundry but wearing the same dirty clothes for 5+ days in a row;
– Eating candy that has been dropped in the dirt;
– Eating cold-soaked oats for breakfast and/or cold-soaked ramen / cous cous for dinner;
– Going to pee or poop in potential sight of other people (depending on how desperate we are);
– Starting conversations relating to poop with complete strangers;
– Eating a large pizza while drinking a milkshake and 6 pack of beer in one sitting every week.

There’s a reason thru-hikers are (affectionately) known as “hiker trash”!

Andrew with his mouth full of burger

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