So…it’s been almost two week since we’ve been on the trail

Wait, what? We’ve finished hiking the trail?

YES, after a month hiking through Washington we made it to Canada, bringing our total to 2,000 miles!

All the cold rain and dense fog in the last 200 miles made finishing all the more rewarding.

The last day was bittersweet – we were ecstatic to hike up the last hill and ready to have dry socks and shoes, but sad that our adventure was coming to an end. It felt surreal to finally touch the Northern terminus.

All too quickly, we were back at Andrew’s mum’s place in Vancouver looking for jobs.

It’s been great having frequent access to warm showers & laundry. Also now it’s much less mortifying being seen in public with Andrew now that his gravity-defying grey beard has been trimmed so he no longer looks like a homeless hobo. However, we both still miss parts of trail life.

While I’m unemployed and have all the time in the world, I’ll be writing more posts & will be writing short stories about particularly memorable moments on the PCT, so watch this space!

Check out our Youtube for the awesome video Andrew made of our last few weeks of Washington!

For those who are here because of Second Chance – hi! Thanks for dropping by 🙂 We were lucky to have the opportunity to chat with him as he’s a genuinely friendly guy!

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