Gear selections

Oh boy..The gear. If you haven’t already gathered and tested your gear, this may come as quite overwhelming. Do not fret! We’ll go over the gear you’ll need for this epic hike and I will share what we took on our adventure in 2017. First off, lets start with the big 4 (sleeping bag, tent, […]

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A Beary Close Encounter

Throughout the summer, we had wished that we could see a wild bear on one of our hikes (from a safe distance, of course!) Even when we had hiked through Elfin Lakes, an area known for having lots of bear activity, we saw a lot berry tinged bear droppings on the trail, but not the […]

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Galiano Island

Galiano Island We start on a chilly March morning. The plan was to take a taxi to the Tsawwassen ferry terminal from downtown Vancouver at 5 am. Always a great idea to start your day at 5 am right? The taxi comes on time and we board the ferry as foot passengers, no problems. By […]

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Starting from the ground up

The past summer has seen a steep increase of hiking for the two of us. So much so that several friends have been inspired by our efforts and have asked for advice as to how they can get into hiking/camping themselves. This sparked an idea to create a platform of information for people who are […]

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5 best trails for intermediate

You made it! You’re starting to feel more confident and now you want a bit of a challenge eh? well then, here are my top 5 hikes for intermediates. Garibaldi lake Lynn Peak Norvan Falls Elfin Lakes St. Marks Summit Garibaldi Lake Easily the crown jewel of Garibaldi Provincial Park. This lake sees a ton […]

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5 best hikes for beginners

Ok! Snacks are packed, shoes are on and it is time to finally hit the trail! but which one? Here are my top 5 hikes for beginners! Rice lake Cedar mills loop Fisherman’s trail Stanley park Buntzen Lake  Rice lake Rice lake is located within Lynn Headwaters Park. A brief walk from the parking lot […]

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So, you want to start hiking?

Excellent choice! The outdoors offer so many possibilities.  Besides the exercise, you’ll gain valuable knowledge of self reliance, see amazing views and come to appreciate the everyday amenities you expect living in the city. But where to start? It can be a bit daunting..What shoes do I wear? water? backpack? Emergency provisions and leave no trace. […]

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What goes in MY pack?

When I first started hiking, it might of taken me an hour or so to put together my pack. This was in part because I only owned a few pieces of gear, the rest was a collection of kitchen pots and plastic spoons, friends tents and whatever clothes that were “clean”. Base weight was not […]

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