What’s in a trail name?

When someone asks you for your trail name, the answer generally leads to a (mostly funny/ embarrassing) story about you or at least reveals something about your personality. It’s a name given to you by another hiker and not something grandiose you make up for yourself. However, you’re allowed to reject the name if you […]

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Trail magic

What is trail magic? It’s when a random stranger gives you something or performs an act of kindness to you on the trail. This can be a cooler of cold drinks by the side of the trail or a hitch to the nearest town or a water cache in a middle of a long dry […]

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Where are we now?

In my last entry, we were still in the desert in May. Since it’s now mid July, I have a lot of catching up to do which I’ll do below as succinctly as possible. I’m happy to give more details later but here’s a brief summary: – We took a 2 week break mid May […]

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Week 6 of the PCT

April 28 to May 4 On day 35, we saw 3 snakes but none being rattlesnakes. However, I think we interrupted one of them having lunch because after it disappeared with a rustle, a black squirming lizard’s tail was left on the trail. I found the dismembered tail unnerving to see. That night we camped […]

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